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The Website Directory contains an alphabetized listing of all products for sale.
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#2086 ColorQ 2X PRO 7 Pool and Spa Test Kit ColorQ, All-Digital Pool and Spa Water Testers

NEW!!!  Second generation models are now available, that are waterproof and Bluetooth capable.  Reagent expiration terms have been increased. All ColorQ tester kits use an all-digital photometer, that eliminates all the color-matching and guesswork.  New kits have been added, that accommodate use with all popular pool and spa sanitizers.  Some kits use mostly liquid reagents, for convenience, while others use mostly tablets.  All kits are suitable for homeowner, professional or facility use.  Choose the model, that best suits your requirements.  A variant of this photometer tester is used in all of the ColorQ kits.  Available in ten (10) models, performing from four (4) to eleven (11) different test factors including:  Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Bromine, pH, Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, Iron, Copper, Biguanide and Biguanide Shock.

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WaterLink SPIN Touch Lab WaterLink SpinTouch Professional Water Analyzer Labs

The 4 models of WaterLink SpinTouch Labs are next-generation of pool and spa water analyzers.  Just add one 3-ml syringe of sample water, to a SPIN disc, and in about one-minute you will have the results for up to 10 different water analysis factors, as a complete, detailed computer print out or sent to the Cloud.  Simple, reliable and fast. As good as it gets. Works with PC's and Android or Apple Smart Phones or Tablets  So easy! So precise! So fast!  In addition to the indoor or in-store model, there are Mobile, Commercial and Drinking Water models, that are ideal to testing by the pool side or on location.  This tester realizes the dream of just adding a water sampling and getting a complete printout, in just a minute.

On sale now!!!
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#1749 PockeTester Kit, for salt TDS and temperature. PockeTester Salt Test Kits for Salt Pools, Spas and Swim Spas

If you use a salt chlorine generator, electronic PockeTester, provides all the testing required.  The #1749 PockeTester digitally measures salt, TDS levels and Temperature. Salt content is important to assure optimal performance and help prolong the life of the salt cell.  PockeTesters are available, that perform some of the following:  pH, Total Chlorine and ORP.  Some models are better suited for home owner needs, while others are designed for professional use.

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SmarterSpa Salt Chlorine Generator, with Chlorine Detection Technology. Salt Chlorine Generators, for Spas and Swim-Spas

Two salt chlorine generators models, with Chlorine Detection Technology, are designed to be used in Spas, by simply draping the salt-cell over the side.  You'll never over-chlorinate again.  The units are completely independent of the spa filter and pump and turns itself on and off, based on the actual chlorine content.  Two other models, without the Chlorine Detection Technology, can select the chlorine output level or using timer control.  Add the recommended amount of salt, connect the salt cell to the power supply and Drape-Over the side.  Set the controller and you're making chlorine.  The salt-cells are rated to last 7000 hours.  This is the better way to do chlorine.

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Reliant Salt Chlorine Generators, for all types of pools, up to 40,000 gallons. Salt Chlorine Generators, for Pools of all types

Salt chlorine generators are affordable and versatile.  Three models of In-Line salt chlorine generators treat all types of pools,  from up to 20,000, 25,000 and 40,000 gallons.  Three drape over models require no installation and are suitable for pools sized up to 17,000 to 20,000 gallons.  Just dial-up the chlorine level, to meet the changing seasonal requirements.  Eliminates the build-up of cyanuric acid or calcium hardness, producing better water quality.  No more chlorine products to measure, handle or store.  The salt cells are self-cleaning and are replaceable.  If pool needs to be shocked, just set to boost mode or raise the output level. Definitely an improved way to use chlorine.

On sale now!!!
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NUVO UV Sterilizer, for above ground pools. Ultraviolet Sterilizers, for Pools, up to 15,000 Gallons

Ultraviolet sterilizers are extremely effective at killing pathogens, resistant to normal levels of chlorine or bromine.  If you use a salt chlorine generator or standard chlorine sanitizers, there are microorganisms that may be resistant to regular chlorine disinfection levels.  However, when pool or spa water passes through a NUVO UV Sterilization Cell, these pathogenic microorganisms are eliminated, to the extent of 99.9%. This is the same process used to sterilize in many industrial applications.  It is not a stand-alone sanitizer. Ultraviolet (UV) is used with salt chlorinators, chlorine or bromine, to obtain the necessary oxidation & persistent sanitizing.

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MetalTrap Stain Reversal Kit, for pools and spas Stain Removal and Prevention Kits, for Pools and Spas

Unlike other stain treatments, the METALTRAP Stain Reversal Kit, dissolves iron, copper and manganese stains using a regimen of products.  This helps solve the problem and helps prevent a recurrence, when normal chemical maintenance is resumed.  First the non-toxic stain remover is added to dissolve surface stains.  Next, the unique, 2-part, TotalTrap-POOL REFRESH treatment product, permanently removes the heavy metals and phosphates, by allowing you to filter or vacuum them out of the water. This reduces the recurrence of future staining and discoloration problems.  Lastly, phosphate-free, Liquid MetalTrap is added to scavenge up any lingering traces of metals.  Part of a complete line of stain/discoloration products.

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Automatic Filter Cartridge Cleaners, for pools and spas. Automatic Pool and Spa Filter Cartridge Cleaner

Filter cartridge cleaning has never been easier or more effective.  Simple attach a garden hose, to the Blaster, and place the pool or spa filter cartridge on top of the rollers.  Turn the water on and the rollers start to rotate the filter cartridge.  As it rotates, a series of powerful water jets clean, within the pleats, and wash the dirt away.  A cleaner filter cartridge in less time. It's all done, in just a few minutes.  Great for the Home Owner, Professional or Aquatic Facility.

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Magnetic Water Conditioner for scale problems. Magnetic Water Conditioners For Pools, Spas & Whole House

Magnetic Water Conditioners, for a Pool, Spa or the Whole House help reduce chemical build-up and less potential for scale formation.  Simply clamps around the pipe. Nothing to install and no need for electrical hookups.  Magnets are guaranteed not to lose power. Six (6) powerful models, for Pool, Spa or Whole House use. Particles that might pass right through some filters, take on an electrical charge, causing them to coagulate.  Because fewer chemicals are required, there is reduced chemical build-up and scale formation. This results in less water waste and a reduction in chemical usage.  If high calcium hardness is a nagging issue, this can be an effective solution.

On sale now!!!
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Torque-Lock repairs structural concrete cracks. Structural Concrete Crack Repairs

You might have been around the block once or twice, to know that it's impossible to "glue" any type of structural crack together using epoxy pressure injection systems. Repairing cracks is not rocket science and the product you choose either fixes the crack or it doesn't. Torque Lock is the new revolution to structural crack repair. Using Torque Lock Staples along with a quality epoxy (supplied with the kits) helps you repair concrete cracks, easily repair basement cracks, fracture lines in your foundations, driveways, walls, seawalls or any other structural crack.  Many concrete crack repair methods have been tried, with little success.  When Torque Lock Staples are used, you can rest assured that the crack has been properly repaired and is rock-solid.

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A $9.99 handling charge will apply to Continental U.S. Orders, under $75.00.  Orders outside of the Continental U.S. may require some additional charge, based on quantity and destination.
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