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Shock-Guard 24/7 Electrified Water Safety Alarm System
Supplemental Product Information

Shock-Guard 24/7 Electried Water Detection and Alarm System.

The Problem centers on stray electricity entering a body of water from many different sources:  faulty wiring, improper grounding/bonding, shorts, equipment failure, underwater lights, bad installations and do-it-yourselfers.  Even from neighboring docks and the power company itself.  This electricity canít be seen or heard . . . a silent, invisible killer!

GFCI circuits/outlets are the only form of protection that stands between the electricity and the water you swim and boat in. GFCI circuits fail frequently and can be damaged by repeated power surges and near-by lightning. Most GFCI outlets are not made in the USA. GFCI circuits should be tested monthly but most people donít realize this and have never Ďtestedí their GFCIís.

Should the water become electrified in some way, the potential for a fatal tragedy of Electric Shock Drowning or electrocution is ever present for people entering or in the water!

The Solution:  Since there is NO way to know if the water is electrified, the solution is to install a warning system that:

1) monitors the water 24/7
2) sounds a warning alarm
3) trips a GFCI circuit/outlet shutting down the power.

This is similar in concept to a Smoke Alarm, except it monitors the water instead of the air.

The Answer: Shock-Guard 24/7 monitors the water 24/7, sounds a warning alarm and trips a GFCI circuit.  This shuts down the power, potentially SOLVING THE PROBLEM. The unit can also monitor multiple areas of the water, such as 4 sides of a dock or slips in a marina and provides remote warning notification, through a security monitoring company.

Why Purchase A Shock-Guard 24/7 Electrified Water Detection and Alarm System?
Feature Advantage  Benefit
Monitors Water 24/7 All Day- 24 hr. Protection Complete Peace of Mind
*Detects 1.7 to 240V Protects Against High Volts
 (Pumps, Boat Lift Motors)
Maximum Protection
*Trips GFCI Circuit Shuts Off Power Source Solves the Problem
*4 Sensor Probes
(MD Model)
Increases Detection Range Protects/Covers More Area
(4 dock sides, 4 boat slips or 3 dock sides & a boat lift or frame)
9V Battery Operated Low Cost, Replaceable Power Harmless Power Source
*Trips Security System
(Add-On Option)
Monitored Water Is Security Zone Remote Warning Notification  by Security Monitoring Co.
100% Solid State No Moving Parts Long Product Life
*Modular System Eliminates Obsolescence Protects Your Investment
*Fully Automatic Nothing to Remember or Do Eliminates Human Error
(I Forgot, No On/Off Switches)
*Unique Product Feature.


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