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Solar-Powered Pool Ionizers/Mineralizers

Two Models to help improve and maintain your pool water quality.

Solar-Powered Mineralizer Solar Pur Pool Mineralizer or
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Shopping in the website stores. Solar-Powered, Dual Ion
Pool Purifiers/Ionizers/Mineralizers
All Types of Pools up to 32,000 Gallons

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Scroll down to browse through information on 2 models of Solar-Powered Pool Ionizers/Purifiers/Mineralizers, for all types of pools, as large as 32,000 gallons. These products help control algae and greatly reduce chlorine usage.  The Website Store Directory contains an alphabetized listing of all products for sale.  We don't just sell products.  We help you make a better-informed choice, by providing all the information, you might require. Need ordering help?  Scroll down the page, for the Order Desk Telephone Help Number. All items ordered will end up in the same shopping cart, no matter which page of this website, the items are located.  All Major Credit Cards and PayPal are accepted.  Order one today.

Solar-Powered Pool Ionizers/Purifiers
for Inground and Above-Ground Pools
Solar-Powered Mineralizer Solar Pur Pool Mineralizer
Solar Clear Model SolarPur Model
The Dual-Ions help produce better water quality.

These Solar-Powered Dual Ion Ionizers/Purifiers/Mineralizers employ a natural technology, that has been used since antiquity. Simply place the Mineralizer in the pool and naturally occurring minerals, are  slowly released into the pool water, using the Sun’s solar energy. Sunlight is converted, by the solar cells, into a low voltage current, that slowly dissolves a sacrificial anode beneath the pool water surface. The Dual-Ions, copper and zinc, retard the growth of algae and other microorganisms, resulting in a significant reduction in the usage of oxidizers, chlorine or bromine, that is required to help keep your pool crystal-clear, clean and healthy. For best results, keep the pH at 7.2-7.6 and favor the lower end, especially, in hard water areas. Monitor the copper level and keep it under 1.0 PPM. A maximum level of 0.3 PPM would be ideal. Made from high-tech plastic components and other well-designed materials.  The Solar Clear Model features a foam-filled, unsinkable floating body. The photovoltaic, Solar Cell faces upwards, as the unit floats and the anode remain submerged.  Both models feature a larger anode, that provides seasons of performance, before the anode has to be replaced.  Compatible with all types of pool sanitizers, with the exception of biguanide.  A free package of tests strips is included, to help you maintain the proper chemistry.  Choose from two attractive, modern designs.

Solar-Clear and SolarPur
The Solar-Powered, Dual-Ion Pool Ionizers/Purifiers/Mineralizers

●  These Solar-Powered Pool Mineralizers help reduce your Chlorine or Bromine usage, by as much as 80%.
●  Provides backup sanitation.
●  Suitable for inground and above ground pools.
●  Dual Ion Ionizer/Purifier/Mineralizer, uses copper and zinc, for improved performance.
●  Works on the principle of Ionization, sanitizing with metallic ions.
●  Features a larger metallic anode, for longer-lasting life.
●  No Installation, Plumbing or Electrical Hookups are required.
●  Works in all types of swimming pools, as large as 32,000 Gallons.
●  Can be used, with all types of sanitizers, with the exception of biguanide.
●  Environmentally friendly and Non-Toxic way to sanitize.
●  Contributes no chemicals to the pool water, other than the ionized metals.
●  The extra-large. metallic anodes should last 2-4 seasons and are replaceable.
●  Multi-lingual Instructions:  English, French and Spanish.
●  Allows you to maintain a lower 1.0-1.5 PPM free chlorine level, instead of levels as high as 4 PPM.
●  Slows the buildup of such byproducts as cyanuric acid and calcium hardness.
●  Foam-filled, unsinkable body, in the SolarPur model.
●  Unit dimensions: Diameter 12.5" x Height 7.25".  Unit weight:  4.7 pounds.
●  Shipping Weight: 5.3 pounds (2.4 kg.)  Shipping size:  13" x 13" x 8".
●  Includes a FREE package of test strips.
 One Year Limited Factory Warranty.

Using a Solar Ionizer/Purifier/Mineralizer with Conventional or Alternative Sanitizers

Using with a Salt Chlorine Generator?
  When used with any new or existing salt chlorine generator, a Solar-Clear or SolarPur, Dual-Ion. Solar-Powered Ionizer/Purifier/Mineralizer will lengthen the life of the salt cell, by supplementing the sanitizing process.  This means that the salt chlorine generator, does not have to generate as much chlorine, to maintain any given level, as would otherwise be required.  Less chlorine having to be generated, will enable the salt cell to last longer.  The pH will be easier to maintain, requiring smaller and less frequent additions of acid, because of the decreased need to generate chlorine.  Maintaining a more optimized pH, make chlorine more effective and scale formation less likely.

Using with conventional chlorine or bromine products?   A Solar-Clear or SolarPur, Dual-Ion. Solar-Powered Ionizer/Purifier/Mineralizer will provide backup sanitation and will allow you to achieve satisfactory results, while maintaining chlorine or bromine levels, at about 1/2 of that usually recommended.  You'll save money, by reducing chlorine or bromine usage and will slow down the build up of chemical byproducts such as, cyanuric acid, calcium hardness or dimethyl hydantoin.  Water replacements will be fewer and separated, by greater intervals of time.  Slows or reduces the rise in calcium hardness, making cloudy water or scaling less likely.

Using with an Ozone Generator?  Ozone is a very effective oxidizer and sanitizer, but leaves the water very quickly, after the pump is turned off.  It may not last long enough to reach into the far corners of the pool.  A Solar-Clear or SolarPur, Dual-Ion. Solar-Powered Ionizer/Purifier/Mineralizer will provide persistent sanitation, that extends throughout the pool.  The combination of an Ozone Generator and Solar-Powered Ionizer/Purifier/Mineralizer enables you to only have to maintain very low levels of free chlorine.  It can help you get close to chlorine-free!!!

Using with an Ultraviolet (UV) Sterilizer?  Ultraviolet Sterilizers kills just about everything, including seriously pathogenic microorganisms, present in the return flow.  However, UV has no lasting, residual effect and does nothing to control microorganisms, in the pool water and on the walls.  For this reason, a Solar-Clear or Solar Pur, Dual-Ion. Solar-Powered Ionizer/Mineralizer provides the important benefit of adding persistent sanitizers.  An oxidizer, such as chlorine or bromine is still required, to eliminate organic wastes and byproducts and aid in sanitation.  However, the persistent sanitizing effect of the Solar-Powered Ionizer/Purifier/Mineralizer will supplement and greatly reduce the amount of chlorine or bromine required, to maintain any given level.  It can help you come close to having a halogen-free pool. 

Using a Solar-Powered Pool Purifier To Supplement Off-Season Maintenance

If your pool is scheduled to remain open and uncovered, during the less active off season, you might consider adding a solar-powered Pool Ionizer/Purifier. It will provide some sanitizing backup and help control algae, should the chlorine or bromine level bottom out.  You'll still need chlorine, but it will reduce usage and make controlling the water quality easier and more effective. It will work for you all year long.

Solar-Clear and SolarPur Anode  Life and Replacement
The mineral anodes are sacrificial and are design to slowly dissolve, over extended periods of time. The average life of the oversized anodes are 18 - 30 months, depending on the actual conditions of use.  Over time, the anode will dissolve away and replacement will be required.  Upon visual inspection, when the anode narrows to about 1/4-inch (6 mm), it's time to consider a replacement anode.

Solar-Clear and SolarPur versus a Leading National Brand

  Solar-Clear SolarPur Brand "F"
Feature Solar-Powered Mineralizer Solar Pur Pool Mineralizer Leading
Photovoltaic-Cell Yes Yes Yes
Micro Current -6.0 mv -6.0 mv -6.0 mv
Ionizing Anode 489 grams 489 grams 412 grams
Treats Pools up to 32,000 gallons 32,000 gallons 30,000 gallons
Average Anode Life 2-4 seasons * 2-4 seasons * 2-3 seasons *
Polystyrene Core No Yes No
3-Way Test Strips Yes Yes No
Multi-Lingual Yes Yes No
* average 6-month season
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Maintenance and Operating Manual (PDF) for Solar-Clear and SolarPur
More value . . . lasts longer!!!
Compared to other brands of Solar-Powered Purifiers/Ionizers/Mineralizers, Solar-Clear and SolarPur utilize an anode that is 18% larger, than the Leading National Brand.  489 grams versus 412 grams.  This translates directly into longer life and lower costs.
Order Desk Telephone Line. Need help with your order?
Call 919 367-2892, 9 AM-7 PM Eastern Time (US)
Solar-Powered, Dual-Ion Pool Ionizers/Purifiers/Mineralizers
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Solar-Powered Mineralizer Solar-Powered
Dual Ion
Pool Ionizer/Purifier
includes a package of
Test Strips, Complete

Model:  SC


Was: $249.99
Now: $199.99
Save: $50.00

Solar Pur Pool Mineralizer Solar-Powered
Pool Ionizer/Purifier
includes a package of
Test Strips
, Complete

Model:  SP

Was: $249.99
Now: $159.99
Save: $90.00

Solar Pur Pool Mineralizer
Pool Ionizer/Purifier,
includes a package of
Test Strips and a Spare Replacement Anode, Complete

Model:  SP/RA
Bundled Special

Was: $308.99
Now: $199.99
Save: $109.00

Replacement anode, original equipment, for Solar-Clear and SolarPur. Original Factory
Replacement anode for
Solar-Clear or SolarPur
Model:  RA-SPM
Upgrade the way you for test for Copper and other Pool Factors.
Owner's #1 Choice with copper ionizers/purifiers.

ColorQ COPPER 5 Digital Water Analyzer for pools and spas.

Copper:  0 - 3 PPM
Iron:  0 - 3 PPM
pH: 6.5 - 8.5
Alkalinity: 0 - 250 PPM
Hardness: 0 - 700 PPM

#2066 ColorQ COPPER 5 Pool/Spa
Digital Water Analyzer, Complete

The ColorQ COPPER 5 Photometer is perfect for pool or spa owners and professionals, especially if are using a copper ionizer/purifier or have source water containing copper or iron. The ColorQ COPPER 5 Pool/Spa digital, photometer reads Five (5) Pool and Spa Test Factors: Copper (0 to 4.0 ppm, in 0.01 PPM increments), pH (6.5 to 8.5, in 0.1 increments), Alkalinity (0 to 250 ppm, in 1.0 PPM increments), Calcium Hardness (0 to 700 ppm), in 1.0 increments) and Iron (0 to 3.0, in 0.01 PPM increments). The kit features economical liquid reagents for pH, Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness: enough to do 144 tests for each test factor. Easy to use TesTabs® tablets for Copper (100 Tablets) and Iron (50 Tablets) are included. There is nothing else to buy, as all of the required supplies are provided. Factory Fresh Guaranteed.

Pool and Spa News Readers' Choice Award for 2009.

Item No.:  2066
Was: $189.00

Now: $169.00
Save $20.00

on Sale and ready to ship
See the entire selection of 12 ColorQ models.
Order Replacement Supplies, for any ColorQ Tester
All shipments made via best way.
Everything ordered ends up in the same cart.

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Free Shipping

* FREE Shipping . . . within the Continental U.S.
* A $9.99 handling charge will apply to Continental U.S. orders, under $75.00.  U.S. Orders outside of the Continental (48 states) U.S. may require some additional charge, based on quantity and destination.
** Most products can be shipped World-Wide. 
International and orders outside of Continental U.S. - see comments below.

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One of the ColorQ all-digital, pool and spa water analyzers.
ColorQ Pool/Spa
All-Digital Testers
No Color-Matching or Guesswork. Reliable!!

Solar-Breexe Robotic, Solar-Powered Pool Skimmer-cleaner.
Robotic Pool Skimmer-Cleaner
Works all day, to keep the pool cleaner.
Card On Guard, Solar UV Sanitizer, for pools and spas.
Using new technology, you can reduce chlorine or bromine usage and get better pool or spa results.
The Circulator replaces a return jet fitting and improves circulation.
Circulation Boosting
Return Jet Fitting

Greatly improves water circulation. Eliminates algae-prone, dead-zones.
MetalTrap Dual-Cartridge Filter, for pools and spas.
Dual Filter
Cartridge System
 For Contamination Metals, Stains, Sulfur, Phosphates and Odors.
Batttery-Powered Leaf Vacuum
Battery-Powered Leaf Vacuums
 An easy way to clean all types of pools and swim spas.
BlasterAutomatic Filter Cartridge Cleaners for pools and spas.
Automatic Filter Cartridge Cleaners For all sizes of pool and spa cartridges.
MetalTrap Stain Reversal Kit, for pools and spas.
Stain Reversal Kit
Removes copper, iron and manganese stains and prevents a future recurrence.
Shock-Guard Electrified Water Detection ann Alarm System.
Detects and warns of potentially dangerous electrical shock hazards, in pools and spas.
PB-PRO-1500Li Battery-Powered Pool Vacuum
Portable Vacuums for Pools and Spas.
Fix A Leak for pools and spas.
Pool and Spa Leak Sealing Product
Seals many types of pool or spa leaks.
Magnetic water conditioners for spas, pools and the whole house.
Powerful Magnetic
Water Conditioner
Eight powerful magnets help control Scaling issues.
Satron Retro Salt Chlorine Generator
Pool Salt
Chlorine Generator
For all types of pools up to 20,000 gallons.
Saltron Reliant salt chlorine generators, for all types of pools.
Salt Chlorinators
Three fully featured models, for all types of pools, up to 40,000 gallons.
WaterLink SpinTouch Lab, for pools and spas.
The next generation in Ultimate Pool and Spa Water Analyzers.  It's as good as it gets.
NUVO Ultraviolet Sterilizers for residental pools, of all types.
Ultraviolet (UV) Sterilizers
for all types of Above Ground Pools, up to 15,000 gallons.
Ultra Poly One Coat Hybrid-Epoxy Coating, for pools and spas.
Hybrid-Epoxy Paint For Residential and Commercial Pools, Spas and Water Parks.
WaterLink SpinTouch Drinking Water Model DW.
Drinking Water Tests
have never been easier or more reliable.
Pool Art Graphic Mosaic Mats, for all types of pools.
Graphic Pool Mats
Simply position these Mosaic Mats on the pool floor. Weighted to stay in place.
Swim Endlessly in place, just like the swim pros do.
Swim Endlessly in Place, like a PRO.
Do Aquatic Training in any type of pool.
Water broom sweeps away dirt, debris and chemical spills.
Sweep it Clean!!! Wash away leaves and debris, from decks, patios and covers.
rechargeable outdoor lighting.
Outdoor Lighting  Rechargeable, waterproof lights, for pools and backyards.
Portable, battery-powered hand-held vacuums, for all types of pools and spas.
Hoseless Vacuums Hand-Held, Portable Vacuums, for all types of pools and spas.
Card On Guard, Solar UV Sanitizer, for pools and spas.
Using new technology, you can reduce chlorine or bromine usage and get better pool or spa results.
Torque-Lock Concrete Crack Repair System.
Torque-Lock Staples The better way to make a Rock-Solid concrete crack repair.


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