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Spa Scenes Installation

Adding a Scenic Spa Backdrop to an uplifted Spa Thermal Cover

Full View Spa Scene - Fern Falls
Fern Falls
Spa Scenery shown installed on an opened spa thermal cover. Full View Spa Scene - Forest Falls.
Forest Falls

Fern Fall Panoramic View
Fern Falls
Panoramic View
White Sand Plams Panoramic
White Sand Palms
Panoramic View
Why look at a boring, ugly, uplifted spa thermal cover?  Shown are the Full-View series.  Some spa thermal cover may be better suited for the PANORAMIC series.  In either case, the results are beautiful and are easy to apply. Click the side images to see an enlarged view.  Click the center image for Product Features Details.
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SpaScenes Trim-to-Fit
TM design means almost anyone can install a SpaScenes on any new or existing spa cover in about an hour.  No special tools or experience are needed.  If you can work a pair of scissors and double stick tape, you can install a SpaScenes mural! Everything you need to install SpaScenes to your cover is included with the kit.  Each kit comes with complete illustrated instructions, hook & loop mounting sets and alcohol wipes.
Only these household items are needed:

●  Sharp scissors
●  Pencil (for Panoramic Style only)
●  Ruler (for Panoramic style only)
●  Masking Tape (optional, but recommended - available at any local hardware store)
●  Clear Silicone Calk (optional, but highly recommended - available at any local hardware store)

How Do They Mount?:
This is the #1 question we get. - SpaScenes mount on the surface of the spa cover so they will not harm or damage the cover in any way and can be removed at any time. Utilizing hook and loop fasteners with a specially formulated, high-performance adhesive, SpaScenes mount easily and securely while being easy to remove for cleaning or interchanging with different scenes. SpaScenes can also be transferred to a new replacement cover should you replace your cover in the future.

Installation Requirements:
Cover Lift Arm Systems - SpaScenes typically require the use of a cover lift arm system that holds the cover more than 20” above the spa deck when open. Some cover lift arm systems allow the cover to drop behind the spa with only 12” or so showing above the deck. We do not recommend using a SpaScenes with these type of lift arm systems as in our opinion, there is not enough of the spa cover showing for you to enjoy the benefits of SpaScenes.
SpaScenes can also be used without a cover lift system if you have an in-ground spa and you typically remove the cover and lean it up against the house next to the spa. (see the Testimonials tab)  Of course the distance away from the spa and height etc. are limiting factors, however many have enjoyed SpaScenes in this way.

Surface Preparation:
It is absolutely crucial that the spa cover be above 65 degrees F., absolutely dry and clean when applying the mounting sets. NEVER use a cleaner that leaves a protective film or residue as this will prevent the mounting sets from sticking to the vinyl cover. If the mounting set does not adhere well to the spa cover or pulls off, it's usually because of residue from the cleaner, moisture or improper temperature during installation. Each SpaScenes kit comes with Alcohol wipe to help clean the surface and remove small amounts of moisture. You can also use a rubbing alcohol to clean the cover. Make sure the alcohol is completely dry before applying the mounting sets.

Don't worry, every SpaScenes Kit comes with complete illustrated instructions.

Clean and Dry the underside of your spa cover (Clean & Dry is the key!)

Position the SpaScenes mural on your spa cover. Left, right, up, down - adjust position to maximize what you wan to see. Shown is a Panoramic style product. The white part is hidden behind the spa when the cover is up and you never see it. In this case, the spa deck will rest 2" above the bottom of the image. 


Carefully trim the mural to your cover.
(follow the instructions completely and you’ll get a great fit)

Mount on the cover with mounting strips provided. Remember, Dry is the key.

Step back and say “Wow – that’s cool!” and enjoy your spa experience like never before.


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