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Ultra Poly One Coat Feedback

Read some comments from actual product users.

Ultra Poly One Coat Hybrid Epoxy Coating

Ultra Poly One Coat
Residential And Commercial Pools and Spas

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Looking Great!!!

Alan, I thought you might be interested in seeing the results of my recent application of Ultra Poly One Coat. It looks great! Thanks for your advice. Sincerely.

Ultra Poly One Coat - Hybrid Epoxy Paint, for pools and spas. BEFORE Ultra Poly One Coat - Hybrid Epoxy Paint, for pools and spas. AFTER
Before After

Paul A., Orlando, FL, 3/17/2015

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From The Ugliest Pool Ever To WOW?

WOW...great stuff!! I'll photograph this weekend and send off pics! Looks BRAND NEW!  Thanks for all the help and advice!

Julie C., 6/2/2013 (Click here to read the complete exchange of emails)
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Better Product Means Better Results?

I will say that we just painted our pool with Ultra Poly One Coat and it looks great.
Ultra Poly One Coat - before Ultra Poly One Coat-after
Before After

Jeff P., Paducah, KY, 5/14/2014

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Superb Finish?

I was helping my Mom with a pool repainting project.  I was at her home, while the project was done, using Ultra Poly One Coat, and the product finish is superb.

John K., 7/16/2016

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A New Paint Job?

We just finished painting our pool (fiberglass) with Ultra Poly One Coat and it looks great! But, we do have a question. Does it matter what brand of chemicals we use? Now that were looking at filling the pool, we thought we should ask the question.
Sara C., Knoxville TN, 4/17/2008

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Quick and Reassuring?

Alan, WOW! That was fast. I received the order yesterday. I've never had such fast shipping. I've already told people about your website even before I made a purchase. Because you are a chemist, I think that you know the make up of this paint and would not recommend it, if you did not think it was a good product. I was stuck between buying the ultra poly one coat and another similar product. Cost was not an issue, they were both about the same.  What I didn't like about the other product is some thing I found on the internet: a prospective customer of the other product could not get a hold of someone to answer some questions. Thanks, I don't know if you want before and after pictures or not.

Larry, Maryland, 3/20/2009

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WOW!!! The pool really looks good!!!

Alan, I just recently purchased Ultra Poly One Coat from you. I applied it on Wed. WOW, the pool really looks good. I must say that is the strangest stuff I have ever used. It is definitely not a paint. When they say 30 min potlife, they mean it. Question, what kind of “tool” are you supposed to use to check for cure? I think it is cured but want to be sure. Thanks.

Larry G., 5/13/2009

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