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Ultra Polymers, Inc.

Instructions and Limited Warranty Information
Manufactured by Ultra Polymers, Inc.

Ultra Poly One Coat Hybrid-Epoxy Coating

Ultra Poly One Coat Hybrid Epoxy Coating

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Ultra Poly One Coat

 ● TOOLS ●

Electric mixer blade, of the type recommended, for use with Ultra Poly One Coat.
  • Ultra Poly One Coat.

  • Heavy mixing drill, with a mixing blade, such as pictured on the left.

  • Citric-based cleaner *such as Ultra Poly CITRIC or brands such as ZEP or ORANGE GLO (Home Depot and elsewhere).

  • High Pressure Power Washer (3,000 psi or higher).

  • Spatula or other scraping tool.

  • Large mix bucket.

  • Acetone and measuring container.

  • Disposable rags (for cleanup).

  • Rollers and 3/8” nap roller covers; brushes.

  • Drop cloth.

  • Aggregate (provided for use in creating non-slip areas).

  • Gloves.


Please read all surface preparation instructions before proceeding. Good surface preparation is the key to a long-lasting, attractive finish.

The goal of surface preparation is to ensure that all dirt, oils, debris and loose (or potentially loose) materials are removed completely.

The pool MUST be thoroughly cleaned, and all oils and debris must be removed completely. A citric-based cleaner is recommended, Such as ZEP Citrus Cleaner. Thorough cleaning may require more than one complete wash. A THOROUGH RINSE IS MANDATORY. Give special attention to waterline, benches and steps.

Muriatic acid or trisodium phosphate (TSP) cleaning is NOT recommended. DO NOT use this method of surface preparation when using Ultra Poly One Coat.

Acid washing prior to coating application is NOT recommended.  The instructions call for a citric-based cleaner and pressure washing to be used.

A thorough high-pressure (3,500 psi or higher) water blast of the project area MUST be completed, after a thorough cleaning is completed. The goal of the high-pressure water blast is to aggressively prepare the surface. Less than 3,000 psi is not adequate. Higher pressure than 3,500 psi is acceptable. Sandblasting is acceptable, but still requires citric-based cleaners to be used after completion to remove any oils that may have been embedded in the process.

Some surfaces may benefit from more aggressive surface preparation such as sandblasting. That decision is left to the discretion of the pool professional. Ultra Poly One Coat is not intended to be used for pool repair and should only be applied to intact surfaces. Surfaces that cannot withstand the surface preparation as required may not be suitable for coating.

When coating a previously coated pool, it is important to remove any coating that is not completely intact. It is best to completely remove failing chlorinated rubber coatings. After surface preparation is completed, check any remaining coating to determine if dried edges have lifted and the surface requires more preparation. Pressure wash, scrape, blast or grind if necessary.

Small areas where the chlorinated rubber or other coating remains fully intact after aggressive high pressure water blasting and scraping if necessary may be coated with Ultra Poly One Coat.

Ultra Poly One Coat is designed for application to dry surfaces and must remain moisture-free for a minimum of 24 hours.

The surface to be coated should be dry – free of any puddles or visually obvious moisture. An overnight moisture test is not required. NOTE: A quick test for dryness: Put a paper towel on the surface and step on it for a minute. If the towel remains dry, the surface is dry enough for coating. You may need to evaluate more than one area of the pool.

Any leaks must be fixed before the coating process may proceed. All water management and structural problems must be solved before coating can be applied. Coating cannot be applied to wet areas.

Concrete or fiberglass or other structural components must be sound. Ultra Poly One Coat is intended to create a smooth, durable coating on concrete, plaster, metal and fiberglass. Crumbling, rusted, pitted or compromised substrates are not suitable for coating.

Small gouges, chips, cracks or other voids can be filled with Ultra Poly One Coat. Ultra Poly One Coat is self-leveling, and will thoroughly cure even at thicknesses of greater than one inch on a horizontal surface. Repairs made with materials other than Ultra Poly One Coat, such as repairs made on vertical surfaces or larger areas, can be coated with Ultra Poly One Coat as soon as they are cured/dry according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Ultra Poly One Coat is not recommended for coating over silicone or silicone-based materials. It is not recommended for concrete with silicone fillers or fiber-filled concrete. Specialty or composite concrete surfaces may interfere with the adhesion of the coating and result in delamination.

Fiberglass may be coated with Ultra Poly One Coat after the following surface preparation: Thorough cleaning and pressure washing to remove oils and other residue. We recommend a citric based cleaner.

A light sanding to create a profile for optimum adhesion is recommended, but do not expose fiberglass fibers.

Metal surfaces may be coated with Ultra Poly One Coat. All rust must be removed completely. The surface must be THOROUGHLY cleaned and free from all oils or residue. More than one cleaning may be required. A high-pressure water blast after the cleaning process is recommended. The surface must be sanded, wire-brushed or sand-blasted to achieve optimum adhesion. Coating on metal should be applied soon after surface preparation is complete. Note: Check closely for pinholes or coating voids that may allow rust spots to form.


Open Part A and Part B (contents will look similar). Be sure to have a metal can marked Part A and a plastic bucket marked Part B. Check to be sure the kit size and color matches. The kit size (1-gallon, 2-gallon or 5-gallon) and color are on the label.

Label instructions are meant as a quick reference guide only. This document contains the full instructions for surface preparation, mixing and application.

Pour entire contents of Part B (scrape inside of can) into the container with Part A.

Note: Contents are pre-measured in exact mixing ratios. Do not attempt to mix partial batches. Smaller kits are available.

Mix thoroughly (about 1 minute or less) using a powerful drill and heavy-duty mixing blade.

It is important to use proper mixing equipment. Ultra Poly One Coat is a thick material that requires a heavy mixing blade and powerful drill. Sturdy mixing blade attachments must be used. Mixing by hand is not sufficient and will result in areas of material that do not cure properly. DO NOT attempt to mix by hand. Unmixed material will not cure properly. Pot life begins from the moment the material is mixed.

TIP: Hold can FIRMLY when mixing. Most applicators brace the container firmly on the ground with their feet to prevent the can from spinning and losing material from the can.

Pour entire contents of the mixed Part A/Part B into a separate large mixing container. This is an IMPORTANT step. Unlike paint or other coatings, the components of Ultra Poly One Coat do not readily blend all materials clinging to the sides of the container. MOST of the components must be scraped from each can into a third container to ensure proper mixing. The separate mixing container may be re-used a number of times.

Add acetone to mixed material (12-14 oz. per gallon). Acetone is required – do not use other types of thinners as they may alter the color, cure time and potlife of the coating. Mix again for about 1 minute. This step ensures thorough mixing and is REQUIRED.

TIP: Many applicators measure the acetone into the emptied A/B mix can and “swish” the acetone around then pour into the final mixing container. This helps to get all material into the final mix.

Acetone is added to allow easier application and extend potlife. Smaller and larger amounts of acetone may be added as desired, but only during the initial mix.   DO NOT add solvent or thinner after the potlife has progressed. (Re-thinned material may look acceptable, but will result in a coating that bubbles.)

In cool temperatures, components should be kept in a warm area at least 24 hours before mixing and application. Components that are cold are more difficult to mix and apply, and may prevent the small amount of acetone from escaping during application, creating bubbles that must be rolled out before the coating cures. In warm temperatures, we recommend that the components be stored in cooler temperatures, out of direct sun. It may be helpful to cool components on ice before mixing in very warm temperatures. Very warm material has a short potlife that may be difficult to accommodate.

Do not over mix. The potlife begins as soon as Part A and Part B are mixed together. Over mixing may also accelerate the potlife. DO NOT USE ULTRA POLY ONE COAT that has progressed past its usable potlife. Material that has thickened and become warmer, and is “sticky” when rolled is past usable potlife. DO NOT add acetone to material after the initial mixing.


 ● TIPS ●

It is best to dispose of empty cans immediately to avoid any spills or drips on deck areas. Wipe up spatters and spills immediately. Cured material is very difficult to remove.

DO NOT recap any containers of A/B mixture. Careful! A/B mix may become warm or hot as it approaches the end of the potlife.

DO NOT SMOKE or CARRY LIGHTED MATERIALS around the mixture that contains the acetone or the acetone.



Apply an even roller coat of mixed material to a thoroughly clean and dry project area. Coating must be applied within 30 minutes of mixing Part A and Part B. Rollers, brushes or squeegees or other tools may be used. Most applicators pour the mixed material into a standard paint tray during application instead of working from the mixing bucket. No screens are required.

There is a potlife (workable time) of approximately 30 minutes at 70° F. Warmer temperatures reduce the potlife. There is no “waiting time” – mixed material must be applied immediately.
A single, thorough coating is sufficient for product performance. Cover the most area possible without affecting the full coverage. Coverage should be between 100-130 square feet per gallon kit. You should fill in small voids as you apply the coating. Any missed areas can be recoated as necessary. There is no need to keep a “wet edge” as you apply the coating. Additional coating or second coats can be applied over already-coated areas before or after the area has cured completely.

Do not apply too thickly on vertical surfaces. Add more acetone to the initial mixes designated for vertical application if necessary. It is better to apply thin coats to a vertical surface. Application that is too thick may cause sagging or runs as the curing process begins. If necessary for coverage or touch-ups, a second coat of Ultra Poly One Coat may be applied directly over the first coat before or after the coating has cured.

TIP: Quality rollers and roller covers are recommended. Lock-on roller covers are generally preferred. Roller nap is a matter of preference, but 3/8 inch rollers generally work well. Roller covers may be used to apply more than one batch if the coating has not begun to cure on the roller cover. Using quality roller covers usually prevents any “shedding” that may mar the surface. Brushes may be used. All rollers, brushes or other application tools should be disposable.

Where non-slip areas are desired, broadcast an aggregate over uncured coating to create a textured surface. We recommend fine grade aluminum oxide; however, the type of aggregate used is a decision to be made by the installer/decision maker based on acceptable appearance and grade. Poly Solutions, Inc. is not responsible for advising applicators of areas that require a non-slip surface.


 ●  CLEAN-UP ●

Clean equipment using acetone or other solvent or thinner BEFORE the coating cures.

Warning! Once coating has cured it is extremely difficult to remove. Clean any spatters or spills immediately. Cured material may require grinding or mechanical wire brush grinding for removal. Be sure to remove the uncured coating from all decking, tile or any areas where you do not want the coating to remain.

Remove any tape before the coating has cured.

Discard cans, roller covers, brushes, rags etc. The material is not regulated as hazardous waste.

DO NOT re-cap containers of A+B mixture!



Curing time depends on the temperature of the coating components, ambient temperature and the surface temperatures. Heat will accelerate the cure time, cooler temperatures slow cure time. Cure time ranges from a minimum of 24 hours (steady, warm temperatures) to 2-7 days (cool temperatures). Temperatures must be averaged over a period of 24 hours.
Ultra Poly One Coat that is completely hardened and resists indentation from pressure from a tool is cured. Several areas of the pool must be checked for full cure. Water may not be added until the surface is cured. Water added too soon will cause the coating to delaminate or discolor


Avoid extreme conditions that may destroy or damage the containers. Do not store in freezing temperatures or in temperatures above 90°F. Components that have been subjected to extreme temperatures may be used once they have returned to room temperature (70°F range). Shelf life is at least two years. Shelf life past two years has not yet been determined. Contents may settle during storage.

Do not use opened containers or containers that have been contaminated with water or any other debris. Do not use components from containers that have leaked.



Standard colors are White, Black, Pool Blue, Grey and Earth Tone.

Custom colors are available. Color matching is approximate and not all colors can be matched successfully. Custom color matches should be ordered in quantities sufficient for completing an entire project. Though successful matching is common, additional batches of custom colors are not guaranteed to match the exact shade of the original batch.

Earth tone colors are available for water features and water landscaping. A clear coat is available. Our pool blue is a light “sky blue” that is standard in the industry. No dark blue (navy) is available.



Ultra Polymers, Inc. warrants to the purchaser of this product that this product will be free from defects in the materials, under normal use and service, for a period of fifteen (15) years from the date of purchase, and Ultra Polymers, Inc. will replace defective product, at no charge to the purchaser within a reasonable amount of time after receipt of notice from the purchaser.

This warranty does not cover: (I) removal or reapplication costs of any type or kind, or other similar or dissimilar costs incurred by the purchaser or any third party; or (II) costs incurred due to the discoloration, chalking, staining or other similar or dissimilar alternation in the appearance of this product or any other changes to this product that otherwise occur due to the failure of the swimming pool owner to properly maintain his or her swimming pool. This warranty shall not apply, and shall be null and void, if the defect was caused in whole or in part by (I) misuse of this product (including, without limitation, misuse pursuant to federal, state or local laws), (II) misuse of any other product used in conjunction with this product (including, but not limited to, chemical cleaning agents) or (III) the failure to apply this product in accordance with the instructions provided with this product. Purchase of this product is an acceptance of this warranty by the purchaser.

Ultra Polymers, Inc.'s sole responsibility pursuant to this limited warranty shall be to provide the original purchaser an amount of replacement product sufficient to cover the area on which the defective product was applied. Under no circumstances shall Ultra Polymers, Inc. be obligated to apply the replacement product or perform any other services related thereto. The replace of this product is in no way an admission by Ultra Polymers, Inc. of product defectiveness. ULTRA POLYMERS, INC. SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OF ANY KIND (INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, DAMAGES RELATING TO LOSS OF PROFITS, GOODWILL OR OTHER ECONOMIC INJURY) WHICH MAY RESULT DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY FROM ANY BREACH OF ANY WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, BREACH OF CONTACT, TORT OR OTHER THEORY OF LIABILITY WHETHER OR NOT ULTRA POLYMERS, INC. HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF THESE DAMAGES. Some states do not allow the exclusion of limitation of special, incidental or consequential damages, so this limitation or exclusion may not apply to the purchaser.



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