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Ultra Polymers, Inc

Ultra Poly One Coat Hybrid-Epoxy Coating

Ultra Poly One Coat

High Performance Coating For
Residential And Commercial Pools and Spas

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The Pool/Spa Coating That Lasts!!!

Ultra Poly One Coat is not just a paint enhanced to withstand chemicals: it is engineered as a protective coating for the harshest environments. This exceptional "paint" was created to coat the concrete containment areas around hazardous chemical storage tanks. This hybrid epoxy has proven it can withstand harsh chemicals, constant exposure, freeze-thaw cycles and more Ultra Poly One Coat:  the hybrid epoxy coating that lasts!with zero failure in industrial applications.

Well established in the swimming pool and spa industry and extensively proven in industrial applications, Ultra Poly One Coat is ideal for coating pools. Now this same high performance coating is available for residential and commercial swimming pools and spas, water parks, fountains and water features.

Ultra Poly One Coat can be used on plaster, gunite, marcite, green concrete, fiberglass and quartz aggregate pools. Use Ultra Poly One Coat to coat concrete swimming pools and discover bottom line savings and a 15 year guarantee. 

Imagine, a protective coating that dries fast, requires no concrete acid etching, has no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and comes in a variety of colors that leave a smooth professional appearance that resists fading. Ultra Poly One Coat can be applied quicker, easier, and safer in less time than most other paints, meaning faster completion and longer.  Each gallon of Ultra Poly One Coat consists of a Part A and Part B.  When combined, as directed, it yields one-gallon of coating:  enough to cover 100-130 square feet of surface area.

If Ultra Poly One Coat can stand up to the demands, of being used in alligator wresting pits, the product's durability, as used in a pool or spa, will be like a walk in the park.  Why not use a product that requires only a single coat, with easier preparation and is more durable?

Ultra Poly One Coat . . . is the coating that lasts!!!

Why you should consider Ultra Poly One Coat, as your first choice!!!

Ultra Poly One Coat painted pool. ●  Use on Plaster, Gunite, Marcite, Quartz Aggregate, Green Concrete and Fiberglass Pool and Spas.
●  One coat coverage.
●  Easier preparation and acid washing is NOT required.
●  No Primers, Sealers or Top Coats are required.
●  15 year factory warranty.
●  Easy surface preparation.
●  The choice of many experienced contractors.
●  Used in Water Parks all over the U.S.
●  No Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).
●  Fast curing time - easy application.
●  Resists staining and algae growth.
●  Easy to maintain smooth surface, withstands commercial usage.
●  One gallons covers 100-130 sq. ft.
●  Choice of 5 standard colors.
●  Custom colors are available.
Ultra Poly One Coat Application Instructions and Warranty.
Ultra Poly One Coat Feedback
Q and A letters involving Ultra Poly One Coat

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Ordering Ultra Poly One Coat


Ultra Poly One Coat Color Palette

Ultra Poly One Coat Hybrid Epoxy Coating- Earth Tone Tan
Black White Gray Pool Blue Earth Tone Tan
Custom Colors are available at nominal extra cost.
Colors may vary slightly from these electronic reproductions.
Contractor Inquiries Are Welcomed
Ultra Poly One Coat:  the hybrid epoxy coating that lasts!
Ultra Polymers Inc.
P.O. Box 1377
200 Laurel Ave
Gibsonia - PA - 15044
Phone: 724-449-2122
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